Plumbing Tips to Help You Save Water

April 22, 2017

It’s every property owner’s dream to lower their utility bill, and this can only be done if you know how to conserve water and electricity. For water-saving, aside from cutting down daily usage, you  can avoid water wastage by familiarizing yourself with some common plumbing tips you should practice.

6 Tips to Conserve Water

1.Never Neglect the Drains

Unfortunately, in most properties, drains are often overlooked until they become clogged. If you wait for this to happen you have no choice but to call for professional help or the situation will just get worse, which could contribute to property damage.

Keeping the drains in good condition isn’t that difficult. By pouring a cup of baking soda, followed by a cup of vinegar down your drain, you can unclog the pipes. This should be done on a monthly basis. As for the bathroom, the use of strainers in the bathtub and sink drain could keep the hair and soap out of your pipes. Also, as much as possible, stay away from harsh chemicals when unclogging your pipes. Not only are they harmful for the environment, they can also damage the pipes.

2. Are There Any Hidden Leaks

You have to know that not all water leaks can easily be spotted. There are some that are hidden and require great attention to be found. Good property owners and landlords, make it a habit to check the water meter before and after a specific period of time when the water is not in use. If the meter has drastically changed, then there’s a good possibility that there’s a hidden leak somewhere.

3. Consider Replacing the Toilets

If your property still has a standard toilet, it would be ideal for you to consider upgrading it. Toilet usage consumes around 30% of your water bill and by switching to water-saving toilets, you’ll be able to reduce the water consumption dramatically. You can opt for low-flow or dual flush toilets as both of these are known to be water-savers. With a dual flush toilet, you can choose between a higher-flush option for solid waste, and the lower-flush option for liquid waste. The latter uses less than 1.3 gallons of water per flush.

If you’re not ready to replace your toilets just yet, then just make sure that the one you’re using is not consuming water when not in use. It shouldn’t be a “running” toilet, as it can be a sign that the flapper is leaking inside the tank already.

4. The Faucet Should be Fixed

If possible, upgrade your standard faucets with low-flow substitutes, or better yet, invest in aerator faucets. If you’re not familiar with aerator faucets, it’s a circular screened disk of metal that when screwed onto a faucet head, modifies the overall flow. Likewise, you should also perform timely repairs on all leaky faucets.

5. Are the Taps Turned Off?

Aside from its very annoying sound, are you aware that you’re wasting more than 15 gallons per day from a dripping faucet? That means that you’re wasting about $100 every year! You can avoid wasting your precious water by ensuring that your taps are fully turned off. However, if a closed tap continues to drip you should make sure you either have it repaired or replaced immediately.

Although it may cost you a few dollars investing in plumbing maintenance, it can help you avoid more problems in the future.

6. Change the Showerhead

Instead of sticking with the standard showerhead for your property, a more efficient choice would be a low-flow showerhead. A low-flow showerhead only consumes 2.5 gallons of water per minute, instead of 4.5 gallons. If we do the math, this would allow you to save more than 20,000 gallons of water per year. Most low-flow showerhead models available today comes with a strong shower stream, but it doesn’t consume as much water per use!

As a property owner, to maximize your profits, you must ensure the water usage in your property is fully controlled. By doing so, not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also save money from utility bills.

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