Drain and Sewer Clog Removal

Slow-flowing and completely clogged drains and sewers happen.

Hair, dirt, grease and even soap build up find their ways into out drains and build even when we’re careful.

The first thought is to grab that bottle of drain opener purchased at your favorite hardware store. These cleaners do not work well on most blocked drains and in many cases can emit harmful vapors of their acids and other harsh chemicals. Since they are caustic (the acids don’t distinguish what is a clog and what is a pipe) they can damage pipes and be dangerous when mixed or used incorrectly. We recommend you think twice before using them.

At The Plumbing and Drain Company we have handled every kind of residential and commercial drain and sewer clog. Our technicians are skilled, courteous and will have your pipes flowing freely again fast.

Depending on the cause of your clogged drain, our service technicians will use one of several methods:
Cabling, Auguring, and Rooting
Also called Snaking, a spring loaded metal cable is rotated at high RPMs as it is fed through your drain pipe to clear a hard blockage like tree roots in large pipes, or to remove hair and food remnants in smaller drains. This is always the first step when attempting to clear a drain clog or blockage.
Hydro Jetting
Hydro jetting is a pressure washer designed specifically for the inside of your pipes. By using a specially designed nozzle, all of the soap, grease and sludge buildup on the pipe walls is pressure washed and flushed from the drain system in your home out to the municipal sewer system.

If it takes too long for your sink, tub or showers to drain or they aren’t draining at all, we can have a technician at your location and your drains flowing again, fast, without the caustic chemicals.
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