Property Management

We have a great deal of experience working with property management companies.

We understand helping you maintain your relationships with property owners and tenants is as important as fixing the property’s plumbing issues.

We regularly coach our technicians and staff on how to effectively work with property managers and the particular things that are important to them. We teach our technicians to not take direction from the tenants. We work for you! You will not have to worry about our technicians fixing anything that is not on the work order you send – even if the tenant requests the repair.

We have designed a system to provide quick response times, ‘no surprise’ pricing and the back end support you need.
We provide our property management clients with:
Commercial Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Rates
  • A paper trail. Aside from the ability to call us, we use a group email designed to receive your maintenance requests. You will have a documented record of your requests. Services requests submitted by email are received by every dispatcher, manager and owner at The Plumbing & Drain Company. This allows for faster response time and ensures no requests are missed.

  • Timely response. Within 15 minutes of receiving your work order request via email, you will receive a reply letting you know we have contacted the tenant. We will provide the details as to result of the contact, whether it was left a message for a call back, scheduled the call based on the tenant’s availability on a future date, or we have a technician on the way.

  • Communication. Unless you direct us otherwise, there will be at least 3 points of contact made via phone for every service call. First, our technician will call the tenant when he is on the way so the tenant is informed. Second, our technician will call the property manager or decision maker to let them know what the problem is and how much the repair will cost. And finally, the decision maker will again be called when the job is completed so that you can have peace of mind, knowing the job was done.

  • Another set of eyes for you. Our technicians are trained to look out for your property. If we notice anything that doesn’t seem, “Quite right,” we will let you know immediately.

  • Published pricing. We publish our pricing up front so there are no surprises for you. You can find a copy of our price sheet here.

  • Property management companies are well over 50% of our customer base, so we know what is important to you, the property manager.
    Dear workers of The Plumbing and Drain Company,

    I would like to say a bid thank you for your excellent service. You are the best plumbing company I have been dealing with in the last 15 years. It is a great pleasure to work with you as you always are very friendly, professional, and so fast to react to problems. You have the best team of technicians.
    I really appreciate all your help.

    Glendale is such an old complex and we have been having a lot of plumbing issues. I am so happy to get help from you. Also, your prices are very reasonable for the service you provide.

    With a big respect, wishing you a great success in business.

    Larisa Komarover|Community Manager
    Glendale Apartments
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